Friday, 24 April 2009

Songs Every Indie Club Should Play Once A Week By Law Until I Get Tired Of Dancing To Them Which Would Probably Never Happen


Salt, Pepa and Spinderella by Johnny Foreigner

3.1901 by Phoenix (Free mp3 from the band's site)


An LCD Soundsystem song, of your choosing.

Do this, and I'll forgive all the boring ladrock. (Although really, if I were in a position to dictate global indie club playrules, I'd ban Rage Against the Machine and Pendulum. Seriously, guys, stop that) And then less enforced but wildly appreciated: M83, Spoon, Metric, Kenickie, Cut Copy, Art Brut and THOMAS TANTRUM.

Wouldn't all this make the world a better place? Yes it would.
[This post broke my blog about 8 times. Video embedding got scaled back a lot to save the post]


G. said...

I have been pretty laz about keeping up with your blag, I'm sowwy!

But for the record you've made me fall in love with salt pepe and spinderella. unfortunately my music situation is shit right now because my mp3 broke, my comp crashed and now it doesn't have sound and so all I have been listening to is the top music station of dc.
which is to say poker face.
love your loyal blagger

Miles said...

To be fair, Poker Face is pretty ace too.

Quite alright, I would not expect any sane person to keep up with all these awful poems clogging the thing up.

Love, your loyal interbloggist.