Thursday, 23 April 2009

APAD #23: Life and How to Relive It

I like to think we write a new manifesto
Every time we leave the house
Every time we ditch work to play in snow
Every time we declared "Fuck tomorrow morning"
Every time we decided to do a second encore

- but really, all we ever did
was reiterate the rules of reverie and abandon
that we'd learned from midbudget movies
(So they could afford to have your favourite band's
dumbest song soundtrack the emotional climax,
But not so they couldn't afford not to desperately appeal
to my one man demographic)

Susan doesn't care for my philosophy.
"Why give a shit about being 'original' so long as you're having fun?"
I would wonder about this,
but a smile like that is near impossible to disagree with.
If she never takes up any dangerous philosophies,
we're all fucked.

[End. Written whilst listening to The Microphones and The Weakerthans. Title in reference to the not-as-good-as-it's-title (but then, could it possibly be?) R.E.M. song "Life and How to Live It"]

1 comment:

Christin said...

I swear I've recently read/heard some phrase very akin to "your favorite band's dumbest song."

*does a bit of Googling on the usual suspects*

Ah-ha! "Sucking the face of some pretty boy, with my favourite band's most popular song
in the background."

Of course, of my favorite notably-one-hit band, it is easily argued that the most popular song IS the dumbest song.

I liked this one. I've liked nearly all of them. <3