Sunday, 31 August 2008

My Week in Lists: Week Ending 31st August 2008

Top 5 Things I Discovered This Week
  1. That "Double Whiskey, Coke, No Ice" might be my favourite phrase in the entire of the English language.
  2. Paul Southworth's Ugly Hill, which is a bit milder than I normally take my webcomics but good fun. Lovely art too.
  3. The music of Burial. It's pretty good! [I know, I'm so 2005]
  4. The White Russian. Tasty! [Discovered here meaning actually tried, I was of course familiar with the concept of the White Russian having seen The Big Lebowski a few times]
  5. Cop Out Joke Ending: THAT IT IS HARD TO COME UP WITH FIVE THINGS A WEEK. However, I have discovered this weekend that peppermint flavour Smints are DELICIOUS.
I'm sorry, internet, I'll try harder in future. I will write SOMETHING in the week this week. You've been warned.

Sunday, 24 August 2008

My Week In Lists: Week Ending 24th August 08

Top 5 Things I've Done Way Too Much This Week
1. Played N. At one point I was stuck on a very short level for over an hour. That hour was 2am.

2. Listened to Intimacy by Bloc Party , the new album they rush-released [Can we stop calling it "doing a Radiohead" and start calling it that? And then if Rush ever do it, it'll be hilarious. Almost as hilarious as Rush recording new material! Hey-ooooooh] on Thursday morning. Espescially listened to Ion Square too many times. More on this in the week perhaps.

3. Watched How I Met Your Mother. Illegally, on the internets. I'm getting through Season 3 as quickly as I can. It may be my very favourite trad-sitcom ever? [Note: I've never seen Seinfeld. Yes, I know, I WILL]

4. Overthinking my reaction to Hellboy 2. It's really good but it's all kinda Big and my favourite Hellboy stories have always been smaller in scope but it's really fun and funny and [spoilarz] the bit where Hellboy and Abe get drunk is brilliant. And I love Selma Blair. In a non-creepy way.

5. Fretted about starting a blog. It'll be fiiiiiiine.