Friday, 17 April 2009

APAD #17: Things That Need Naming #23

The feeling where you are:

(watching/listening to/reading/seeing)
art that you are certain you enjoyed
(loved/adored/lived for/took as your personal Bible)
just a few years ago when you were basically* the same person you are now
And finding, much to your horror
That you no longer like it all that much.

It's disorientating, is what it is.
*And you and I know both know that THAT
is total bullshit.

[End. First person to guess which film I should never have rewatched wins something.]

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Christin said...

The movie for which I had that experience lately was "Save the Last Dance." 2001, which meant I was probably 17 when I saw it and loved it and totally didn't get what a bizarrely mediocre, sort-of-racist film it actually was. I was not a particularly worldly 17.

And then last night, I found my old Geocities page from roughly the same era, which was even MORE mortifying. I want 2001 to be much longer ago than it was. I won't be comfortable with any of this until we get firmly into another decade, and next decade, I'm going to try not to start with any mortifying opinions that will stress me out in 2019.