Tuesday, 15 September 2009

Notes from End of the Road 2009 #1: David Thomas Broughton

David Thomas Broughton = Malcolm Middleton gone completely fucking mental.

David Thomas Broughton = Sprinting back and forth over the line that seperates “disturbing” and “hilarious”

David Thomas Broughton = never going to be Paolo Nutini and not just because he has a song that features a refrain of “Is it balls”

David Thomas Broughton appears, to the naked eye, to be a mild mannered acoustic singer/songwriter. Oh and he’s got a looper pedal, how nice, he’ll probably use that to build up some super complex guitar parts. Oh wow, his voice is a bit interesting isn’t it? Wh… What did he just sing? Well this is all just noise now! It was a song a second ago I swear. Oh and now he’s got a drummer and a double bass player and it’s still just noise and hey, woah, now it’s a new song! And now he’s sung the chorus of a Florence and the Machine song over another section of noise. And now another song. Now he’s peeling a banana. Now he’s eating it. Now he’s throwing his shoes across the stage. Now he’s got four kids on playing drums in a totally unrhythmic way. Now he’s put the banana peel on his head.

And all the while he is singing about death, about relationships breaking down, about deciding to commit suicide by drowning.

Now he’s flicking Vs at the audience and saying “Now you can go and see some real music” then SPRINTING off stage.

David Thomas Broughton = baffling

David Thomas Broughton = better live than on record

David Thomas Broughton = an actual, honest-to-god, straight up genius.



Anonymous said...

Hey Miles, you have been tagged. Tell us your 7 favourite songs. :)

Geo said...

Hellooo there.
just wanted to say hi, how are you?
You haven't posted in a while and I was thinking about los campesinos the other day and I thought of you.